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Simone’s Place
Playwright – Glenville Lovell
Director - Russell Watson
Producer - Barbados National HIV/AIDS Commission and Lighthouse Foundation

The play is set in the cabaret/home of Lady Simone, the middle class transgender proprietor of Simone’s Place. Here we meet five distinctly drawn characters each of who come to the bar with their own sense of social dislocation and vulnerability. Within the safety of the bar and emboldened by the emotional generosity of Simone, the confessions and affirmations of the play’s characters peal back the layers of race, class and gender norms in our society.

Shannon Arthur as Simone
Nala as Moses
Varia Williams as Solace
Simon Alleyne as Pecong
Marcus Myers as Gabriel
John Hunte as Stuart

Executive Producer – Marlene Hewitt
Producers – Merle Niles, Jacqueline Wiltshire Gay
Co Producer - Simon Alleyne
Set Design – Leandro Soto
Lighting Design – Sean Smith
Costume Design - Glenn Genki Brathwaite
Choreography - Shakeira Beckles
Set Construction – Fieldtech Stage Solutions Inc