Mirror Mirror Show me a Hero
Written by Shakirah Bourne
Directed by Alison Sealy Smith
Musical Director - Stephan Walcott
Set/Multi-Media Director - Russell Watson
Costume Design - Glenn Brathwaite
Choreography - Olivia Hall and Rene Blackman
Produced by the National Cultural Foundation & the Government of Barbados

It is the year 2116 and the island of Barbados is under threat from the denizens of the Nether. The Overlords of the Web Colony have infiltrated all levels of Barbadian society with a view to eventually enslaving the entire population of this small nation. Shackled to machines that are slowly draining them of their collective memories, the people of Barbados have put their hope for salvation in the hands of 3 rather reluctant young people. In a desperate ploy to save their culture and country, the 3 youngsters will be catapulted through the eye of a hurricane back in time; their mission, to find a Weapon, a Tool and a Hero who will liberate Barbados, restore the Memories of the people and achieve true Independence for all.

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